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How To Relieve Anxiety Using a Lavender Diffuser

The number of people who suffer from anxiety continues to increase globally. Therefore, finding a way to combat anxiety should be prioritized. We recommend the use of a lavender diffuser. A diffuser is a machine that disperses essential oils into the air while also diluting the oil used. They can be found in local retail stores or ordered online. Paired with our lavender essential oil it is a holistic approach to managing anxiety. Some popular diffusers include the following:

  • Reed Diffusers – These typically feature a glass bottle that houses the lavender essential oil. Reed sticks are then used to waft the smell of the lavender essential oil into the room. Many users enjoy this type of diffusers because of the way that it improves the aesthetic of a room.
  • Ultrasonic Diffusers – This diffuser style uses ultrasonic waves and water to distribute the lavender essential oil into the air. It comes in many different shapes and sizes.
  • Atomizing Diffusers – This option is more expensive than the others list but offers different benefits. Here you do not use water and instead the bottle of lavender essential oil is attached directly to the diffuser. This diffuser is most known for emitting a higher concentration of lavender essential oil into the air.

This method comes highly recommended because of the health benefits that lavender essential oil offers as well as the ease of use. After the diffuser has been properly set up, it is through simple breathing that treatment can begin. Depending on the type of diffuser that you have, you may have to sit closer to it to deeply inhale the essential oil. Closing a door to the room that you are using it in can also maximize results. If you’re ready to add a lavender diffuser to your anxiety treatment, be sure to shop with us to get your lavender essential oil here

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