In 2017 we began researching alternative crops for our next venture. The more we researched the more we began to love lavender. Jason and I were motivated by the power of lavender. Lavender has a long history of being a medicinal remedy. We moved to Taylorsville, Kentucky and began to plant our first fields. In the beginning we planned to grow and sell the lavender straight from the farm. As we continued to invest in our fields, we very quickly realized that lavender would be our life and began a path to creating our own products made from the very lavender we were growing. In 2018 we opened our first shop of 300 sq feet in Shelbyville. We very quickly realized the potential of Lavender and expanded our footprint in our building until we ended up growing 10 fold in our foot print. In 2021 we relocated our store to a historic landmark in Simpsonville KY. As we have grown, several things have become very important to us.

Our current store houses our lavender-based products, which includes pretty much anything you can imagine. We also host several dozen local artisans and their products. We have expanded to include a cafe with lavender based menu and healthy eating. We have added almost a thousand plants onsite of the store. With all of that said we very proudly give back to several charities which we keep posted in the store. We have adopted a policy of pay our associates until it hurts and give back until it hurts. That’s when you know you’re doing all you can.