Our Farm

In 2016, we started Woodlief Farm in Taylorsville, KY. There are currently over 10,000 lavender plants that we work with to make our exclusive products. We also produce our own eggs and honey at the farm. These are key ingredients in our bakery items. We take pride in our products being made in Kentucky and our registered Kentucky Proud members. Any item that we can’t produce, we work with a local artisan to keep the product as local to Kentucky as possible. 
Our farm also allows us to give back to our community. Currently we have sponsored local live theater shows, book ambassador programs alongside the local library, and other informational talks around town. We also have a food donation that we regularly give to through our bakery. Most importantly, we believe in protecting our planet. That’s why we use solar panels on our farm which combat greenhouse gas emissions and helps us reduce our use of fossil fuels such as coal. Additionally, we offer a repurpose program. Guests can return their used candle jars, honey jars, and castile soap containers and we will pay you for them.
We hope to offer tours of the farm later this year so be sure to check back in soon!